​What does the Neighborhood Association do for you?
Many people don't know what the Neighborhood Association does, so here's a list of services paid for by the association using dues!  Without you, none of this would be possible!

  • Security Patrols - Your association dues support the hiring of an external security patrol company that rides through the neighborhood and provides presence.  They also identify and report security issues to the association and to the police.  Additionally, we've installed Flock cameras that scan/match plates driving through the neighborhood with the police for any felony matches.
  • Beautification Projects - Your CFJM Neighborhood Association provides funds to maintain the entry flower beds on Chimney Hill Lane as well as many of the Audelia entrances.  The neighborhood signs along Audelia and the monument sign on the west entrance of the neighborhood are similarly installed/maintained by the Association.  We are looking for support in particular for additional improvements and repairs on the fencing/walls along Audelia.
  • Watering / Electricity - We are responsible for water and electricity at the west entrance for maintaining the grassy area in the neighborhood (irrigation system)
  • Mowing & Maintenance - We have that west entrance mowed and maintained regularly, as well as pay for special landscaping needs like tree trimming or clean-ups at other entrances, mulch, etc.
  • Online Services - We manage the Facebook and NextDoor posts as well as our CFJM website
  • Community Gatherings - Your Neighborhood Association is providing several large and small events for residents throughout the year for your enjoyment and for neighborhood networking.
  • Newsletter Communications - CFJM Neighborhood Association tries to publish periodic newsletters (delivered by volunteers to your doors)
  • Bi-Annual Membership Directory - Every 2-3 years, CFJM provides members only a directory with names and phone numbers of our neighbors so that everyone can look out for one another
  • Neighborhood Lobbying Efforts - The Association is your voice to other neighborhood HOAs as well as to your city council.  We are always pushing for lighting maintenance, fence repairs, graffiti abatement, street improvements, lower crime, and area enhancements to increase the value of CFJM real estate.


Continue to support your CFJM Neighborhood Association by joining!  The dues are very low at $150 per year (where the average Dallas area dues are over $300 per month), so PLEASE consider paying additional if you can afford it.  Your membership contribution helps us continue to provide the above listed services and we are particularly looking for additional funding to help with the wall repairs along Audelia.  To pay your dues, you can....

  • Mail a check payable to CFJM and mail to Country Forest Jackson Meadows Neighborhood Association at P.O. Box 742273, Dallas, TX 74374 -or- you can drop off in mailbox at 9805 Cross Creek Ct in the neighborhood
  • If you have a bank account at Bank of America or Chase, etc. you can use Zelle to send payment to cfjmhoa@gmail.com
  • PayPal or credit card options are temporarily unavailable but we are working on those


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