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What does the Neighborhood Association do for you?

Many people don't know what the Neighborhood Association does, so here's a list of services paid for by the association using dues!  Without you, none of this would be possible!

Police Patrols

  • Your association provides thousands of dollars worth of supplemental police patrols each year.  When you see police cars cruising our neighborhood, chances are it's because the association is paying that officer to be in the neighborhood.
  • As part of the services provided by the Dallas Police Department officers which we pay for supplemental patrols, you have the ability to submit a form directly to our neighborhood patrol officer when you are out of town.  The officer will periodically check your home's windows and doors, and generally verify your home is continually secured during your absence.  The button to submit a form is located at the top right-hand side of the "Contact" page in the menu above, or you can click here.

Beautification Projects

  • Your CFJM Neighborhood Association provides funds to maintain the entry flower beds on Chimney Hill Lane as well as the Audelia entrances. 
  • Your Neighborhood Association placed the monument sign at the entrance on Chimney Hill at the West side of the neighborhood.
  • We are looking for support through additional funding to improve the entrances along Audelia - please consider additional donations for the wall painting project along Audelia

Watering & Electricity

  • Although the association is voluntary, we are none-the-less responsible for maintaining the common grassy areas in the neighborhood by watering and paying for electricity to power the irrigation system.

Mowing & Maintenance

  • We are tasked with the responsibility of mowing and edging the large west entrance area on either side of Chimney Hill, as well as maintaining the landscaped areas at some of the east entrances along Audelia.  

Online Services

  • ​​This website as well as Facebook, NextDoor, and the Yahoo Newsgroup, are managed/funded by the association.

Community Gatherings

  • As of 2016, your Neighborhood Association is providing three large events (Spring and Summer) each year for your enjoyment.

Newsletter Communications

  • Your Neighborhood Association currently pays for four newsletters per year (delivered by volunteers directly to your door).  

Bi-Annual Membership Directory

  • Every other year, the CFJM Neighborhood Association provides members only a directory with names and phone numbers of our neighbors so that everyone can look out for one another.

Neighborhood Lobbying Efforts

  • The Neighborhood Association is your voice to other neighborhood HOA's as well as to your city councilman.  We are always pushing for lighting maintenance, fence repairs, graffiti abatement, street improvements, lower crime, and area enhancements to increase the value of CF/JM real estate.

Continue to support your CFJM Neighborhood Association by joining!  The dues are very low at $150 per year.  Your membership contribution helps us continue to provide the above listed services.  To pay your dues, use the form below to submit and it will take you to a Paypal page where you'll have to choice to either use your own Paypal account (in which case you can use a connected bank account OR a credit/debit card.....OR you can just use the option to pay with credit/debit directly on the bottom of that page.  Either convenient method is there.  We are no longer accepting paper checks.  

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